Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love Magick Bath for Oshun

This is another bath appealing to the Santeria love goddess Oshun. Baths are a very popular way of working magic in this tradition: secret and more complicated mixtures for baths are created by priests, but these more common kinds of baths are done by the uninitiated.

The author of this spell claims that Friday is Oshun's day, but that is probably due to a conflation of Oshun with other love goddesses like Venus. Traditionally, Oshun's day is Tuesday.

Prepare Bath With:

  1. One cup of orange blossom honey
  2. Yellow rose petals from three roses
  3. A few drops of lavender oil
  4. A few drops of rose oil
  5. Three yellow candles and two orange candles

You may take this bath on the new moon. Friday would be a good day since that is Oshun's day. Stay in the bath for thirty minutes. A simple prayer to Oshun could be --

Beloved Oshun, oh, gracious mother, I appeal to you as I bathe my body and spirit with the anticipation of a new love. I ask that you bless me with this special union. Help me to attract the right person into my life[,] someone who harmonizes with me spiritually, mentally, emotionally, sexually and intellectually.

You may use your own prayers. The effects of this bath make a subtle announcement to the universe that you are ready for love. Let your body dry off naturally. Do not use a towel. You may burn the candles around the tub area while in bath. Do not blow the candles out. Let them go out naturally. Play soft music. Visualize how it would be to be in the presence of your new love. Imagine looking them in the eyes. Feel their soft skin. Enfold them in your arms. Softly kiss their lips. Stroke their hair. Embrace the great possibilities. Believe in yourself, have faith that the great mother Oshun has heard your call.

This spell comes from the poorly-titled book Deliverance by Shaneetha Akinlana.